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Wordless Wednesday: Hypericum lancasteri


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A little blurb

The summer equinox has now been and gone but we still have plenty of Summer to enjoy our gardens and the wealth of plants still to flower and perform before Autumn arrives. This months write up will be dedicated to a few of these plants.

Aconitium austroyunnanense: A bit of a mouthful to pronounce but an amazing member of the monkshood family which differs by being a climber rather than an erect herbaceous perennial. This climber likes to grow from a shady spot into the light and I use it in the garden amongst shrubs and trees and let it scramble where it likes. Come late July it will be popping purple bluey flowers through a Cornus and a Cedrus giving a nice splash of colour. Visitors to the garden always remark on it and I usually sell out of it in the nursery. This year we have propagated more in the hope we can meet demand for it.

Sumerina yellow: A recent introduction which is a cross between two late summer flowering daisy type perennials namely Echinacia and Rudbeckia. This plant promises to flower until the first frosts without losing its freshness. The yellow flowers start with a red ringed centre by November the red is flecked throughout. Also reasonably drought resistant so all in all could become a garden favourite.

Tetradium danellii: This tree never fails to amaze me I can best compare it to a parasol as it grows an amazing canopy which is excellent at providing dappled shade. Our tree is about ten feet high with a twelve foot diameter canopy. The foliage is very attractive but this tree waits until late summer to perform its encore. It produces cream umbelifer flowers which are a bee and hoverfly magnet so it provides much needed late nectar.
Agapanthus Queen Mum: We have now been growing this agapanthus for the last couple of years after being impressed by its remarkable rate of growth and ability to produce large flowers at a young age. Our first plants went from 9cm liners to 7.5 litre pots in one season! The flower itself is a cream colour with a light blue infusion running along the florets. Close up you can see the individual colours at a distance they are a delightful light blue.
Just a few of the many goodies we have on offer at the nursery we would love to see you.
Still some places left on the Fern course on the 14th July.

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Wordless Wednesday: Arthropodium cirratum




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